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Healing Joint Pain

Are you experiencing symptoms of a joint injury? If your medical doctor is suggesting treatment that involves prescription medication and/or invasive surgery, STOP! Before you move forward with a plan that may leave you with unwanted side effects from drugs or a surgery with extensive downtime and healing, you should opt for a more natural approach FIRST. Our medical team will assess your specific needs and create a customized care plan.

At LifeWorks Integrative Health, we can help you with joint pain and these joint conditions:

  • Pain
  • Swelling
  • Redness
  • Bruising
  • Tenderness
  • Reduced range of motion
  • Weakness
  • Numbness
Why Come to LifeWorks Integrative Health?

At LifeWorks Integrative Health, we base our treatment on medical facts. We know that when we listen to the warning signs that your body sends, it will lead us to the root cause of your joint pain. We’ll work hard to uncover the core issues of your joint pain. Unwanted medication or unnecessary surgery don’t have to be your only options.

Stop covering up your symptoms and solve your joint pain once and for all. Through joint injections and manipulation, our professional medical staff will solve your issues with joint pain and discomfort – both naturally and efficiently. You can trust us to reduce your joint pain.

Here’s our promise to you… When you first visit LifeWorks Integrative Health, our medical team will perform a thorough health assessment. We’ll take the time to learn about your specific health concerns, your health history, and your individual needs. Then we’ll create a customized care plan that will work for you.

Surgery for Joint Pain Is Not the Answer!

Surgery to repair a joint injury is often the go-to solution for the traditional medical treatment model. At LifeWorks Integrative Health, we use our extensive medical knowledge to treat your pain in the most natural way possible – before resorting to other means.

The good news is that our patients have experienced a more natural healing. And they’re able to regain a normal lifestyle, expand their range of motion, and reduce or eliminate all pain. Without prescription drugs or surgery! Now, that’s a success!

Most often prescription drugs and surgery are neither necessary nor ideal. Expensive surgeries can require several months of recovery. In the meantime, you lose more time on the job and still cannot participate in life the way you want to. And surgery is typically accompanied with the need for prescription drugs with unpleasant side effects. More stuff that you don’t really want.

So, Do I Really Have Joint Damage?

Joint injuries are very common. A joint injury can result from either a single-event trauma or repetitive use that damages your ligaments. Ligaments are the “rubber bands” within the structure of your joints. Ligaments can be found on both sides and on the inside of your joints. They hold everything together and keep your parts working in tandem.

When your ligaments become stretched or torn, that joint injury is called a sprain. The severity of your joint injury can vary, depending on the extent of ligament damage.

Your ligaments have two distinctive properties that make joint injuries both painful and slow to heal:

  1. Ligaments have a limited blood supply to start with. So it doesn’t take much to impede the ability of your tissues to replenish nutrients and repair themselves.
  2. Ligaments contain an extensive system of nerve endings. So your joints can be more sensitive to pain when damaged.
Simple Healing for Your Joint Pain Relief

At LifeWorks Integrative Health, we provide innovative treatment for joint injuries and other joint conditions. Our medical team will assess your specific needs and create a customized care plan. You’ll receive options that will help speed up healing and recovery, lubricate and protect the joint, as we regenerate the joint with stem cells therapy. Then you’ll find your pain will begin to diminish.

After months – and sometimes years – of living with pain, many of our patients describe it as a miracle! They can move more freely. The pain is gone, or nearly gone. And they can return to being more physically active.

How Joint Healing Works

Reducing inflammation is essential for healing. Because inflammation breeds disease and disease breeds pain. Once we stop that chain of events, proper healing will return to your ligaments and tissues. And you’ll experience a new kind of healing!

As nutrients flood into the damaged area, your tissues are able to replenish and repair. And it happens quicker than you think. It’s kind of like watering a droopy plant. It perks right back up again. And you’ll start feeling the same way, too!

You can experience fast healing with this noninvasive inpatient procedure. Our targeted injection will encourage the natural healing process. And this natural healing allows you to avoid expensive surgery and bypass the ongoing prescription pain medications.

It’s time to put your needs and desires first! An injury doesn’t have to incapacitate you for the long term. You can avoid unnecessary surgery and drugs. And you can experience joint pain relief and joint healing without losing time. It’s time you experience…

Faster healing. Better care. Natural solutions.