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Functional Medicine

LifeWorks Integrative Health in Overland Park is your resource for premier root cause based medicine, also known as functional medicine.

Is Functional Medicine a new fad? No, it sure isn’t.

You may be surprised to learn this form of medicine really isn’t new at all and actually is just been lost in translation, so to speak. It actually represents a return to the roots of modern scientific based approach to health and wellness where the practitioner continues asking “why” the disease is occurring rather than only “what” medication or treatment can affect the symptoms. In the general medical field, asking “why” has become a lost art, but at LifeWorks Integrative Health asking and answering “why” is what we do best.

Functional Medicine is a science based, natural way to become healthy again.
Functional Medicine is patient-centered medical healing at its best. Instead of looking at and treating health problems as isolated diseases, it treats the individuals, systemic imbalances, dysfunctions, deficiencies, and toxicities. A disease such as diabetes, cancer, fibromyalgia, or cardiovascular disease might be visible above the surface, but according to Functional Medicine principles, the cause lies in the altered physiology below the surface. Almost always, the cause of the disease and its symptoms is an underlying dysfunction and/or an imbalance of how the bodies systems are working together  therefore, manifesting as a symptom or pathology.

The image of an iceberg depicts this concept perfectly.  If health care treats just the tip of the iceberg (our current traditional healthcare model) it rarely leads to long-term relief, vibrancy or the resolution of the health condition, which is really what we are all seeking. Identifying and treating the underlying root cause or causes, as Functional Medicine does, has a much better chance to successfully resolve a patient’s health challenge. Using scientific principles, advanced diagnostic testing and treatments other than drugs or surgery, along with integrating these approaches with other healthcare modalities, Functional Medicine restores balance in the body’s primary physiological processes. The goal: helping your body function as optimally as it was designed to!

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Will Functional Medicine Replace the Traditional Medical Approach?
The simple answer to that question would be NO. Functional Medicine actually fills a much-needed gap. Today’s health care system is in trouble because it applies a medical management model that works well for acute health problems. Where it is much less successful is with chronic health problems!

If you have a heart attack, severe accident, broken bone or sudden lung infection such as pneumonia, you certainly want a quick-thinking doctor to use all the quick-acting resources of modern medicine, such as lifesaving technology, surgery and antibiotics. We are all grateful for such interventions and the doctors who have the training and expertise to use them. However, jumping in with drugs, surgery and other acute care treatments can do very little to correct the underlying imbalances occurring with diseases such as: diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, autoimmune disorders, or other chronic inflammatory conditions. This is where an experienced functional med doc can step in and unveil the root causes of these conditions, develop a strategy to restore balance to the system to repair itself for long term health.

The Bottom Line
Your body is genetically programmed to function as optimally as it can and wants to thrive. The symptoms or disease state you are experiencing are simply compensations or workarounds your system has incorporated to help it survive as efficiently as possible given its current state. We would be honored to help you thrive gain.

LifeWorks team cannot wait to help you be well again.