LifeWorks Integrative Health, Shawnee and Overland Park, KS

Welcome to the new partnership of LifeWorks and In2Great.

We are now proud to be LifeWorks Integrative Health.

Whether you have been a patient and In2Great with Dr. Corey Priest or at LifeWorks with Dr. Matt Gianforte and his team, there is an exciting future ahead for you and your health. We could not be more excited about what this partnership offers our current patients, and the Kansas City Metro area.

The aim of this partnership is to bring more solutions, medical disciplines, and health support directly to you in a multidisciplinary approach to total wellness. Medicine should not be segmented and compartmentalized into disciplines that don’t communicate with each other. You are a whole person whose body is an integrated web of systems. It is only in recent history as medical specialties became normative that a joint issue was addressed by a rheumatologist while a bone issue was addressed by an orthopedist, yet aren’t joints and bones literally connected to each other?

Both Dr. Matt and Dr. Priest have built their medical philosophy and their thriving practices on asking “why.” Dr. Priest asks “why” from an internal systems standpoint called functional medicine where he looks at where there are imbalances in the body that would create a symptom to progress to disease. Dr. Gianforte asks “why” from a physical medicine perspective looking for movement and physical imbalances that are the root cause of pain or restricted movement.

Although both have developed thriving practices in different areas of integrative health, they realize they can be better together. The physical medicine side needs the support of the functional medicine side to fully realize your health potential. The functional medicine side needs the physical medicine side to fully address your pain and discomfort. For example, sometimes arthritis is from lack of movement of a joint which Dr. Matt’s team can address, but other times the root cause of arthritis is an autoimmune condition which is where Dr. Priest’s team needs to be on board.  This is just one example of why this partnership not only makes so much sense, but is so fundamentally necessary to the whole person approach to health.

This partnership means you can address a wider scope of your health issues with the teams you know and trust. This also means we have the resources and scope of disciplines to bring in new technologies and services for you in the future. We are very excited about what is coming!

To clarify some of the questions that might come to mind for you, here are a few practical pieces of the partnership:

  • All functional medicine will be done by Dr. Corey Priest. He will office out of the Overland Park, KS location and also be at the Shawnee, KS location on Wednesdays for your convenience.
  • For now, all physical medicine (rehab, injections, chiropractic, etc) will be available at the Shawnee, KS location with Dr. Matt’s team.
  • Nutrition and functional medicine services will continue to be available via telemedicine as needed for those out of the Kansas City area or for convenience.
  • The teams of each location are actively learning each other, the culture’s of the practices, and the new systems that are being developed to make your health great. We appreciate your patience as we grow and we know we will be better able to serve you with our expanded team.

Doing great functional medicine takes time and attention that is different than what most doctor’s provide when addressing your health issues.  Because of this, it is important to understand that available appointment times for functional medicine are different than appointment times available for physical medicine services. Our team will work diligently to get you the exceptional care you deserve, and at the location that is most convenient for you.

We are so excited about the growth happening at LifeWorks Integrative Health and look toward an amazing 2017 with you! If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to reach out.


Dr. Matt  Gianforte and  Dr. Corey Priest